28,29 and 30 November 2017
Laboratory of Physico and Chemical Studies Materials (LEPCM)
Faculty of Materials Science
University Batna1,   Batna, Algeria

About Batna



The city of Batna, capital of the Aures, is located 425 kms south-east of the capital rises to 980 meters.

Batna takes the origin of its name, sometimes in berber Tabatnet, Arabic (Batn) literally means "belly" but takes the meaning in Algerian place names, especially in the Sahara, in the Central Highlands and the Tell, of "steep edge of a plateau" of "flat valley" or "place where one observes a stop before starting climbing a mountain."

Climate Batna is semi-arid, with four distinct seasons. Average temperatures range from 4 ° C in January to 35 ° C in July3. In winter, temperatures drop below freezing at night, with frequent frosts. In summer the temperature can reach 45 ° C in the shade.

The city of Batna is served by the international airport Mustapha Ben Boulaid remote 25 Kms.


Near the city of Batna are wonderful archaeological sites such as the Roman ruins of Tazoult, Timgad, the mausoleum of Imadghassen (300 years BC date there is a Numidian monument and the oldest mausoleum of Algeria), one of the ancient North African mosques built by Sidi Okba, or be buried, the El Kantara Gorges door of the great south, the Ghoufi Balconies as well as the National Park of Bélézema of Chelia which culminates has over 2300m.